he Dragomar book series will have about 6,500 pages. The current volume 1 is the beginning of the chronology. Not postfixed, but “interspersed” appear three rather thick tomes, which tell the prehistory. To have the narrative begin with dark times and monsters seemed even more abstract than it already is. So no post-packaged prequels or spin-offs. he story stands. That’s all there is then. To start and explain the beginning with monsters, which by nature can’t be the beginning either, unless it’s an inadmissibly far-reaching presumption of the author into the creation story (cf. Matrix, the Architect), seemed too voluminous and heavy. So let’s let our late medieval greenhorn first make his experiences, without the ongoing story of too long insertions of violent disputes loses its lightness, naivety and innocence. Also planned is a manual of sorcery in connection with the mages and dragons and the respective form of government. This can also be integrated.

So it is a longer period we are talking about here. is an entertainment site and is not dedicated to dragons.


Example 1: Stories to read aloud

It can be, in Internet parlance, a real “problem solver” his, good stories that can be read aloud in 12 to 15 minutes from the cell phone, sorry smartphone, and more stories queue.

A prospos smartphones. We will also publish the stories as HTML5 applications, so they can be loaded in the package and read offline. Tests are underway. It reads and scrolls pleasantly. Data size is still too high. G3 and up will do.

Dragomar newsfeeds

Example 2: There are some blogs announced here on the website.

Except for one, maybe two sections, these will be entertainment only and not “problem solving”. Advantage: stories continue, may have current references, and will be discontinued if no one is interested. Just put it on the RSS feed reader. 

Dogs' Talks!

Example 3: We also plan to publish stories as animations or games here. 

Simple rule: If the narrative character dominates, it can be found here – if it’s about “shooting” in the broadest sense or highscores, at our shabby kin, one menu item further right or below (mobile).