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Welcome to the newsfeeds page of Dragomar.

I would be pleased if you subscribe to one or the other newsfeed.


A RSS newsfeed is a file containing a mostly very short overview of articles available on the internet from the publisher of the newsfeed. This lightweight file can be accessed, displayed and managed by software (called readers). Many Internet sites “pimp” themselves by displaying contributions from others on their pages. In most cases this is also legal. Also we will perhaps other, single contributions here on this side merge and divide, if we the respective “Blog”, the channel of the operator to subscribe. Right up front for me would be: https://dragon-drawing-made-easy/feed which may yet be set up. Newsfeeds are represented here in the above  listed categories.Each button directs to the corresponding static page with the articles and the link for your reader-

You simply download an “RSS Reader” to your liking from the Internet and enter which contributors or blogs you want to follow. The reader then creates your newspaper from the latest news. Those who are subscribed do not know that you are a “follower”. No registration. All anonymous. No cluttered e-mail-inbox.

Examples of current mix

Composed manually

Ads at

Advertizing Ad space is provided in various areas outside the static pages, with the exception of audience pages with updating content and games.  A short

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The Knights of Scare

Knights of Scare Knights of Scare is a collection of stories about a secret order that operates worldwide. Everything we thought we knew about demons

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The Shore. Hotel of the surf

The Shore Hotel of the surf Hotel Stories Comments, wishes, suggestions, questions Click here About Already members from royal houses were here. Statesmen, stateswomen and

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Kids of Dragomar

Star time – read and read aloud Kids of Dragomar Principle Kids of Dragomar is its own series of stories. In addition, their meeting place,

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