Policies and more
The usual policies and pompous declarations that correct behavior towards everyone and every non-classified person is part of the company’s philosophy are just spared.
It’s not that simple.
How many companies that have made such a declaration because it was in line with political correctness have participated in the war of aggression on the Russian side, are involved in it and earn money from it. How many self-declared pacifists call for a multi-shift operation to manufacture munitions? How many self-professed philanthropists water their private golf courses while there is a drinking water shortage? How many donors are charitable because it’s tax-exempt and you still have design options?
Unfortunately, interculturalism has mostly manifested itself in wars over the past millennia.
Dragomar is a place where this was and is exemplified. There are no easy solutions. But there are no solutions at all, if one denies egocentrically, nationalistically and religion-infused everything, which also, for example, the book religions consider suitable to bring about an orderly coexistence.
Mind you: side by side. Of a togetherness or for each other is here still long not the speech.
Here on the Dragomar pages, simple rules apply:
To whom someone prays or with whom he spends the night, is none of our business, as long as it is within the law. Great: The law. Which one applies to an international, multicultural website. Prohibition of homosexuality? Forced marriages with or among children. Ban on demonstrations? Censorship?
We will certainly not want to hurt anyone here and will stick to general rules of friendly interaction.
On the other hand: If just cheap luxury yacht “to shoot” are?
It remains a matter of consideration and decisions that everyone should make for themselves.