Knights of Scare

Knights of Scare is a collection of stories about a secret order that operates worldwide. Everything we thought we knew about demons needs to be corrected. It has been corrected and we are clueless until these demons themselves encounter us-in us or around us. Even then, we only reach for the explanations that are not explanations. We look for answers in books that hide almost everything from us. We argue religiously, mystically, sociologically or psychologically.

The guardians of nightmares are not here to free us from demons. They are here to save the world when it is on the brink. The signs speak a clear language. The final battle had begun long ago.

In the rise of the dark time after 370 AD, an order was founded in what we now call England. The time was full of war and mysteries about magic and the supernatural. Some sought hope in it, others power. Still others were afraid. Tiberius Rotondus, a warrior and nobleman from a prestigious Byzantine family of the young Constanopolis, was doing his military service in Britannica, only to return home from the land of the barbarians as a celebrated fighter. Things were to turn out differently and Tiberius Rotondus was to become a respected, feared man, but humble to the core. His experiences seemed out of this world, but they were. He founded a secret order to gather secrets and knowledge. Not out of curiosity or a desire to collect. He sought a general benefit in what others feared because they did not know it. The secret society survived the dark ages and was itself part of conspiracies and mysteries.

Until the present time, the order remained undiscovered by the public. On the one hand, this was in the nature of things, because no normal thinking person believed these things. But it was also due to the fact that there were no records, that the material was the people themselves and it died with them. But it was also due to an unmistakable set of rules that did not tolerate any announcements and nothing was known about violations and nothing was said about them. People disappeared. This happened everywhere in the world.

The insignia of the Order’s power were the spear of Tiberius, his helmet and the golden shield with the Order’s credo. They were still there. In the Black Vault of the Order’s headquarters. They were a reminder of tradition and a reminder  …

… to be prepared when the poison of hell spreads on earth.



Samuel David Thomas got out of bed in a sweat and went to the bathroom. He turned on the old faucet and scooped water into his face with both hands. His breathing was rapid, but he also recovered quickly. He opened his eyes and the strange, distorted monster face was back where his own should be. He was awake. The mirror did not lie. Sam was sober and not taking any other drugs or medication. Even the strong stuff a psychiatrist had given him for the nightmares, he didn’t touch. Always the same, either sleeping pills or placebos. Nothing really worked. Balance in private and at work. Great suggestion. At work it’s always a competition and privately he had separated from his mother-in-law. Legally, the only way this worked was by divorcing his wife. Now Sam was more balanced than before. He had a dog, went to Central Park frequently, loved art and the Met. He had a good relationship with his neighbors. They also watched the dog when he had an appointment outside. But the dreams, which didn’t seem to be dreams, were too much. … [coming soon]