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Welcome to the Dragomar website.

This website is already intended to do more than just advertise  buyable  books and link the sources of supply.

We offer here free reading content with different stories, themes and series for different readers. As soon as possible free online games will follow.

The core theme remains Dragomar, although even in Dragomar ‘Dragomar’ is not the core theme. ‘Jaws’ is all about the fish, but it’s not about “him”. What we intend to do is produce entertainment and also publish it here. 

From short stories, bedtime stories to read aloud, blogs, browser games, a kids section, info about Drar background content. We don’t know yet how to implement quickly.

The Dragomar book series has the most “fantastic Wham!” in the possible use of all media. Unknown creatures, dragons, fire and ice, caves, love and epic battles, to volcanic eruptions and magic. Parts of these elements will certainly be directly commercialized. Information, and free stories and games will be available here.

This start page is also an overview of the latest content. For the selectable topics, a newsletter will probably not appear more often than every 8-12 weeks—Or follow Dragomar on social media. At least on Facebook, individual posts or info about it will be published directly.

Marc Krautwedel


The book inspires me very much, although it is probably written primarily for children and teenagers, by its excitement and entertaining. It is definitely recommended and reading it is even really fun, no matter what age. [J. B.]

Translated from the German review of the German version of "Dragomar, A bunch of beaks"

That’s how it can go. The publisher assumed less of a children’s book.

For the sake of order, we point out that we are only asking for honest, helpful opinions from actual readers, as in these, first example. These opinions should help you evaluate the book for yourself and buy it, or equally, keep your hands off. 



Squash-house Valley

by Giovanni Conte
Read aloud stories


by C. Crow

he Knights of Scare is going to be a collection of stories about a secret order that operates worldwide. Everything we thought we knew about demons needs to be corrected. It has been corrected and we are clueless until these demons themselves encounter us–in us or around us.




When asked what kind of birds she had seen, she replied:
“I don’t know. They looked like dolphins or very elegant question marks.”
Since then, she’s been known as “The Dolphin.” She is a criminalist in her avocation, lives in the middle of Munich with her massive Newfoundland dog and works subtle criminal cases with subtle means. Where others establish causalities from reference systems, she follows her intuition and works on cases that do not fit into the grid of usual criminological investigation.


The Shore

by Elisabeth Beck

Everything was prepared. The Christmas parties were long gone and April would bring the first new guests.

dogs´ talks

by Marc Krautwedel

They meet every day at the same time in the English Garden in Munich. In any weather. Not far from the beer garden and the brass band at the Chinese Tower. On the dog playground. They are very different, not only in their appearance and behavior. Everything is discussed and commented. Politics, dog keeping, beer, bikes, weather, poodles and cats. No topic is left out.

Kids of Dragomar

by Giovanni Meta

The oldest of all battles

hey stood side by side again in silence on the terrace, high up on the mountain, and watched the play of colors in the night sky. They heard the wind and the occasional cracking of ice floes that piled up on top of each other in the ocean in front of them. The waves that roared recurrently against the rocks were a low murmur up on the mountain, accompanied by the fresh smell of the sea. 

  “Will we win?” asked Galbohei, without taking his eyes off the sky glow.

   “We have the advantage,” replied Eremides. “We know the value of freedom and we don’t want to lose it. We know friendship and will not give it up. We know love and want to be able to keep loving.”

The Good and the Bad


Welcome to Dragomar Paperback at Amazon.com and Amazon.uk

A declaration of love

to life


Dragomar Buchcover


400 pages



Dragomar bookcover


400 pages


about the book

The Light of Dragomar is an easy read by standard writing analysis (ages 9-11 and up) and breaks with the conventions of fantasy, fable, and narrative writing. 

The book

All three books are volume 1 of ‘The Light of Dragomar’ and have largely the same content. Different languages, different cultures, different reading dynamics. 

The book is available in print exclusively from Amazon. The e-books is and will be available from the usual suspects. 

The series

Fact: Book series of 10 volumes. Volume 1 is the beginning of the active story in relatively short periods of time, while the three fat predecessor volumes I, II, III are necessary later to grasp the story and not just explain it through brief references. Volume 7 will be Volume X, and after the brutal Volume 6, which will not be Volume IX, culminates in something that irrevocably ends the series. Don’t come to me with heroic death or ascension to other planes of existence. It’s not that simple—or is it even more simple? 

The last volume will not have a colored cover. It depends on how you look at it or from what direction.


Content, about and style

For those who want to test read but not on the portal they trust, the following link with detailed explanations, reading samples and annotated text excerpts.

ry to forget all the preconceptions you have for about some minutes of reading. Don’t worry, it pays off. The book series will be written in the same way, even if the plot lines become more complex. The basis remains this introduction with volume 1.

Stereotypes cannot be used to “judge” the book. Stylistically, of course. In comparison with systems of order in literature in terms of dynamics and structure? Of course. Whoever claims to read “fantasy” will be bitterly disappointed if he simply wants to find his ideas in a new setting. Those looking for a fable or an animal story will find that it is neither about animals, nor about moral—in the proper sense. It is also not exoticism, unless everyone also considers himself exotic, compared to his experience with himself. It is also not philosophy, esotericism, physics per se, since there is no explanatory reference to science or the “secret”. Well, it is about many secrects but some aren’t, some were, and some might be forever. 

It’s very good material for an animation or—not telling too much about humans—a mixed animation movie.

The 7 mile boots

  • What is Dragomar supposed to be?
  • Magic penguins?
  • Dragons that don’t live up to every cliché either?

It’s like going home in the winter with wet boots and feet, and already smelling the hot waffles, even though it’s still seven miles away.

[Stop it!  Why do you smell the waffles? Hunger? Home? Fear that home might be destroyed in war? The wife as a subject?]

What makes the feeling beautiful or/and frightening? Can we bind what formally does not belong together and separate what is one and the same?

The book is so easy to read also for kids.—And it is funny if you do not call yourself close to the ultimate power.

A bunch of beaks?

The English titles don’t have the lousy subtitle ‘Volume 1’, but ‘Bunch of Beaks’. Find out what the bunch of beaks is all about.

Penguins and dragons?

This question to one who has spent hours catching invisible frogs.


New Stories

There are several blogs and series planned for these pages. Except for a single blog that is actually problem-solving in nature, all blogs are mainly entertainment. The buttons lead to the main pages of the individual blogs as soon as content is available. New books, short stories and games are also presented in blog posts or are this posts themselves.

The overview of the current posts can be found here, below this text and the buttons.

Dragomar Press release 1/2022

A bunch of beaks is the early fourth volume of a 10-volume book series in which 7 parts are dedicated to the protagonist and the first three parts (the prehistory rising (I), golden age (II), downfall (III)) are not added but interspersed in an explanatory way, timed to the main thread.

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Free reading aloud

Idea: With the low-light smartphone to the bed. Reading time 12-15 minutes each. Questions: What do I do with the very young, who demand a pictorial object and subject reference? A yellow, drawn and possibly animated duck on the small, bright display? — Probably split in two. Active phase: coloring duck on paper (PDF) … Passive phase: listening to what the duck was doing. Either the stories become posts or the post contain the links to the pages and/or files.


New Stories

Squash-house Valley 1

Squashhouse Valley 1 Harvest time Charly sat high up on his pumpkin, with his back leaning against the ten feet sawed-off stalk. From here, he

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In the case of  free games, we are talking about small browser games or mobile games. They can be simple, silly pastimes, but also tricky or abstract interaction options. Mobile formats are so interesting because there seem to be more of them than there were wristwatches in the 80s. School books, warm socks, healthy food are avoided but the cell phone is always smartly present. Since games take a little longer to create than a free chapter of reading content, they are presented individually.