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  • Book: Lights Dragomar, Vol. 1, A bunch of beaks; published by Amazon Publishing in paperback in EN-US + GB.
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  • Planned are different topics of entertainment in different media and presentation forms.

Thank you so much for being here. I depend on you, which is as nice as it is scary. Far be it from me to whip out press releases in standardized form and visuals, for publication. It makes no sense to expect from you a message that I have already, like a hippo, chased through all channels. Likewise, I understand the need for effort reduction on your part.


Level 1

General press releases

Dragomar Press release 1/2022

A bunch of beaks is the early fourth volume of a 10-volume book series in which 7 parts are dedicated to the protagonist and the first three parts (the prehistory rising (I), golden age (II), downfall (III)) are not added but interspersed in an explanatory way, timed to the main thread.

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Level 2

RSS-Feed Press

All publicly available info is posted here: New releases, sales figures, products that are newsworthy. For example, the free release in Russian, in conjunction with the rationale, could be newsworthy. The writing style becomes unpretentious and fact-based. Doe posts will not receive SEO and search engines will be asked to omit them when crawling.

In normal operation, the content will then be posted aloud by us with a delay of at least a week.

Links to the respective media data, for print and online.

Level 3

Newsletter Press

Depending on whether we can assign you to a medium, freelance activity or website in your journalistic activity, you will receive more background information and links to non-public data for your own publication in the newsletter. In this respect, a short message in the “Press” section of the e-mail form on our contact page would be helpful. If there is no clue to your activity, you can also subscribe to the RSS feed.

Links to the respective .zip media files, for print and online.

Level 4

Exclusive reporting


Send me an e-mail and write me what you want and in which formats. I will be happy to answer any questions or write an article for further editorial processing.

Calls or video meetings are largely fruitless as I hear almost nothing.

I’m writing the song from the book right now. Hmm. – Good to have had music lessons and remember tones, voices and instruments. It won’t be the violin concerto in D major.

Children should see and hear a lot early on to increase their fundus. This is nothing new, but since Covid all the more urgently needed, in view of expected high dropouts. [Speculations are not contents of press releases]