Dragomar Press release 02-EN/2022

September, 30th

Lights of Dragomar

Volume 1 in Russian

by Marc Krautwedel



Time for a revolution

No one had promised that it would be easy.

Dragomar is translated into Russian and published sucessively on the website. Such topics as tyrants, war and world war are explained in such a simple and plausible way that the revolution of humanists must come, because even the most stupid must understand that he is not waving his little flag for the awakened Mother Russia, but for an equally stupid, who wants to go down in history.

The translation was made by machine, back-translated by machine and checked manually, without any knowledge of the Russian language.  The verse meter and existing rhymes could not be kept. As long as “Hall of books” is not “booking room”, it is readable.


“To even waste a second thinking about how a tyrant can save face is not strategic real politics but bullshit continuation.”

Marc Krautwedel

Marc Krautwedel *1968




Story Roads Publishing

Marc Krautwedel


Klenzestrasse 41

80469 Munich




Lights of Dragomar is …

about loss of control

“You’re right,” Eremides said. “We have to be prepared for anything, even for someone who destroys all, so no one has it, not even him.”

About ratio

“A strategic advantage,” he replied. “Unfortunately, only this pompous albatross can give me the advantage. Everything he said was right. I hate him for that. After our victory, we’ll settle the score with them, the noble aviators, for good.” 

The boss moved his flipper as if he wanted to throw something. A fiery red flash appeared and crashed out of the cave’s exit. 

on non-nuclear strategies

“And what do we do about the seagulls?” 

“They have completely failed here, Too Often. We have to arm them and forbid them to fly in the entire swarm, but one by one, before they swoop down. Then they’ll be harder to hit. If there are losses, the survivors get a bigger share.” 

“You want to talk them into suicide missions?” 

about propaganda

“We celebrate our winless heroes, incite their hatred, and turn them into a bloodthirsty mob.” 


“Enemy images! We tell them that the penguins intend to rule the world and that we are the only ones who can prevent the downfall for the benefit of all beings in the world,” Barzantanos said. 

“Nobody believes us. Penguins? Dangerous? I’d find them quite funny if I didn’t hate them, even because of Eremides. We don’t stand a chance there.” 

“There are many, very many. There are getting more and more. They are just pretending to be friendly. 

about war

“That’s the problem,” said Aunt Maya. 

“It is not at all a matter of preventing wars with all one’s might, but only of winning and having the better reasons to wage war. It even goes that far as reasons don’t have to be better in quality but only have to be explained better and louder so that every fool believes to be on the right, the good side. As a result, many die, and the suffering is great on all sides.” 

about morality? Humanism?

Evil could wait and strike at any time. The success of the good did not grieve the evil. The subsequent destruction of hopes and dreams would only be more imposing and shattering. 

about being beyond existing

“We are in advantage,” Eremides replied. “We appreciate freedom’s values and don’t demand to lose it. We feel friendship and cannot give it up. We learned to love and desire to continue to love. We are most dangerous, like a loving and caring mother.—And we are not alone. 


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