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    Reasons for this page

    This page is intended to help you decide whether or not to buy the book. It is not a chat site in the sense of dialogue or question/answer. The site operator will not comment on the comments.

    As soon as the complete website is finished and “broken in”, more comment functions will be added to all areas. We take the comments seriously and will continue to develop and change.

    The book

    Opinion here means decision support. This is not a reading club and content reproduction or even reviews are not the aim of this page. Star ratings and thumbs up or thumbs down do not belong here either. The book is written and there is little point in tainting the story with subjunctives. Those who comment here have read the book, at least in part. The ship has sailed.

    Examples of possible opinions:

    “I would classify it more as a children’s book, ages 11-14, after all.”

    “A lot of it was predictable but there were surprises which made it exciting.”

    “Suitable for relaxed reading in a pavement café.”

    “I thought it was fantasy with battles and dragons and then there’s a penguin wiggling around the grounds. This is more for readers who don’t need action.”

    All these statements kind of help.

    Great! – Crap! – Favourite book! – Boring! … don’t help.


    Comments will be shared one at a time. Useful comments, whether liked or not, will be published.

    Populists, bored know-it-alls and the whole nationalist baggage, if recognisable, will not be published. They may continue to walk the tightrope of blocking on their political opponent’s portal. Comments with links will also not be published here. 

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