Dragomar is old. Very old. There was the beginning 120 million years ago. Dinosaurs and much stranger creatures that find millions of years had partially evolved only here. There were natural disasters and dominant species. There were creatures that stayed hidden and evolved. There were beings that immigrated, which again changed everything. From where and how the dragons came to Dragomar is particularly exciting.

The history of Dragomar begins much later in the book series, exactly 73,000 years ago. This time, up to the beginning of state formation of a new species is devoted to the volume [Roman] I. (not volume [Arabic] 1, which was just published).  In volume II then the golden age is described. Strictly speaking, during the 5,000 years there were several ages, dynasties and clans that were powerful factors influencing the history of Dragomar. However, when it comes to history, we stick to the facts we know and deal mainly with the direct ancestors of the later protagonists, sorcery and the dragon cult. Volume III is bad. It is the indirect prehistory of our little, published, innocent “penguin journey”. Through murder, manslaughter, destruction, love and doom, Volume II. is the key volume on which, numerically, most of the characters in the following 7 volumes are built. That’s not to say that Volumes I. and II. are anything like King Kong vs. Saurians or Godzilla. Quite the opposite. Volumes II. and III. just humanize more and parallels of civilization are more direct. Especially in volume 9. there will be correspondences where one could wonder if an immortal human being, despite all experience and development, despite all progress, is on a Möbius strip. 

Volume 1 to 10 tells about the period of the life (section) of our main character. There is a lot of trouble, magic, monsters, dragons, Nazis, love, hope and humor.

Volume 10 remains completely secret until publication. The story demands it.